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Terre & Tradition Real Estate Agency

19 A rue de Noirfond - 70190 Rioz
Phone : +33 (0)3 84 68 93 50

From Monday to Saturday, our team welcomes you to the agency preferably by appointment

Always striving to do quality work, the team of Earth and Tradition's main objective is to satisfy you! The goal is not to be the best real estate agency in the market but actually well to be the best for our customers. listening to your expectations and your needs, we are with you every step of your project. We negotiate your interests and advise you both in developing your financing plan and the renovation or development of your property.

Owners sellers, we promise to make you regular updates of marketing and finding solutions to optimize the sale of your property . Nothing is definitively acquired, your advisor and Tradition Earth gets constantly listening to the market, and constantly adapting its sales strategy. Our team will strive to target customers for your property, in France and abroad. You enjoy a privileged network of carefully selected partners.

Customers buyers, we will strive to find the property that suits you. Our goal is to understand your priorities, your desires, to best target your needs. Real property hunter, your advisor Earth and Tradition will make an active approach to real estate search and will keep you regularly informed of the progress of its investigations to the realization of your proposed purchase.

every moment we are present to guide you, negotiating the signing at the notary through financial structuring your project. We put you in touch with the right partners while bringing you our experience and expertise. You optimize your project!

On our side, mastered your project will be a successful project!

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